The use of iPads is a hot topic in educational circles right now. Very few schools currently use iPads frequently, however, so there is little clarity about its uses. With this paper, we are now part of the growing group of people attempting to find valuable ways in which to use this powerful new tool in an educational context.

In this thesis, you will first find the up- and downsides of using an iPad in a school context. Many articles and opinions have been written on this debate and we thought it necessary to include it in our work, some understanding of the greater scheme of iPads will help in correctly evaluating the rest of the work.

We will provide a shortlist of what we believe are the most useful applications at the time of writing. This list has been collected through our own investigatory actions as well as two surveys in two quite different secondary schools. The applications, or in some cases websites, are evaluated on their efficiency, provided content and the rate with which pupils would like to work with these tools. The very nature of some applications will prevent them from scoring high on all three fronts, so some critical reading is required to fully comprehend the application’s use.

Finally, we will provide interactive and dynamic lesson ideas in two separate ways. The first way you will find at the end of each application evaluation and details lesson ideas and suggestions specifically tailored to that application. These can range from being a general description of its use to a quite in-depth exercise explanation. The second way is a series of general lesson ideas attached to the four language skills, whereas the lesson ideas in the application list are not as clearly defined.

It is our hope that this website will serve as an application database and source of inspiration for new lesson ideas for those teachers who are looking for help when dealing with IT in their classrooms.


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