10. Nearpod




Experience for yourself this magical educational app that has more than 5,000,000 engaged students around the world. Nearpod is a must have application for teachers and schools that have access to a set of iPads, iPods, iPhones or Macs for their classes.


The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students’ iPads, iPhones, iPods or Macs. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.


Technical specifications


Developer: Nearpod LLC

Price: Free

Size: 30,9 MB

Rating App Store: ★★★

Available: iOS, Android, Windows, Web application, OS X


Efficiency value

Nearpod functions similarly to a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. The teacher prepares the presentation in advance and then uses it to guide the lesson. This means that Nearpod can be used in any lesson at any time, after some time investment by the teacher.


Content value

Once again, this tool is a multi-purpose tool allowing for many different lesson subjects to be represented. Unlike most other tools, however, Nearpod hides most of its features behind a paywall. This sadly limits its options for those users who feel disinclined to pay a monthly 12 dollar fee.


Motivational value

The teachers would mostly use this tool as a means to bring some structure to the lesson. It provides some interactivity for the pupils after they sync up with the teacher’s presentation. All in all, this tool combines a PowerPoint presentation with some interactive exercise functionality.


Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value x
Content value x
Motiv. value x


Nearpod appears similar to the other multi-purpose tools in this list, with the key difference that a section of its functionality is hidden behind a pay-wall. A disappointing road to take, given the many free or one-time payment alternatives available. Even the additional functionality that you gain by paying is not ground breaking enough to justify the purchase and subsequent use over other similar options.


Lesson ideas

  • This app is useful for quizzes and tests. A teacher can post a quiz online, the only thing that a pupil needs to do is log in to your quiz, and he can answer the questions. This might be useful as an introduction to one of your lessons, but might also be useful as a survey for bigger or wider goals.


  • Nearpod allows you to flip the classroom. You make animated videos of yourself and send them to the pupils. They have a look at your video, and when they come to class they can ask extra questions concerning the subject matter.


  • You can add links, questions, videos and assignments in one exercise. In this way pupils can work in an independent way, with proper guidance by the teacher. Pupils can test themselves.



  • Pupils can download files from Nearpod.
  • Pupils can upload files to Nearpod.
  • Pupils can fill in exercises and quizzes offered on Nearpod.
  • Pupils can download videos at home and study them, as a feature of flipping the classroom.

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