12. Nutshell



“Just snap 3 photos, add some fun cartoons and captions, and let Nutshell turn it all into a cool, shareable mini-movie that tells your story in seconds.”


Technical specifications


Developer: Prezi Inc.

Price: Free

Size: 48,2 MB

Rating App Store: ★★★★

Available: iOS



Efficiency value


Nutshell is a versatile application that allows quick usage in many lessons or you could focus an entire lesson around its usage.


Content value


Nutshell itself does not offer a lot of content, it is entirely dependent on the pictures the pupil takes, or the message he adds. It depends on the subject matter.


Motivational value


The motivational value of Nutshell is very high. This is an application they might not expect in classroom activities, due to its rather amusing nature. They might even use this application in their spare time, and do not spontaneously see this application as a good and fun tool for skill practice.


Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value x
Content value x
Motiv. value x


Do not let your pupils waste too much time on this app. They might be seduced by the fun part of it, and might want to make silly videos in class. It is highly recommendable that the teacher keeps a good eye on the pupils and monitors everything.


Lesson ideas


  • The subject matter is e.g. ‘habits and rituals’. You ask your pupils to make three pictures of their morning ritual. You will most likely get to see one picture of their bed, one picture of their toothbrush or shower, and one picture of their breakfast. You give the pupils the time to put these pictures in Nutshell, and ask them to add audio to these pictures while capturing, in which they explain their morning rituals. The various widgets and emoticons can be added, but the audio-fragment still needs to be the most important feature. In this way, they get some reading/writing/speaking skill training, but still get the feeling they can do something ‘fun’! If you let the pupils present their works of art to the rest of the class, and give them an evaluation sheet, it is a watching/viewing comprehension as well!


  • Let your pupils wander through the school. Tell them to make several Nutshell stories at different places, this could be classrooms, the courtyard, the lunch room, etc. A minimum of three Nutshell stories should be made which together tell something about that pupil’s average school day, favourite subject, favourite activity in school, and so on. Aside from the animations you can add through Nutshell, a small text detailing the Nutshell stories and their larger meaning can be written. The written text should be handed into the teacher as a writing assignment while the Nutshell stories can be used as an oral presentation.




  • Pupils can implement their own lives into a school context.
  • Pupils can present their own presentation in the given format.
  • Pupils can create a plan concerning the presentation or video; what will be said and what will be shown.
  • Pupils can use supporting audio-visual material.
  • Pupils can consult subject-material to create their presentation.
  • Pupils can record a clear and understandable message in English.
  • Pupils can provide very short written information about a picture in English.

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