13. Plotagon



“Inside this playful software may hide the future of filmmaking” – Fast Company

“Have you ever wished your stories would turn into real animated videos? Plotagon is a playful new app making stories come to life, with you in the director’s seat. Create characters, put them in funny situations, and press play – it’s that simple.”


Technical specifications

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-30 om 15.14.08

Developer: Plotagon Production AB

Price: Free

Size: 227 MB

Rating App Store: ★★★+

Available: iOS, OS X

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Lesson ideas


  • Let your pupils create real life activities on Plotagon. For example if your subject matter is ‘traffic and asking directions’, you can ask them to create a real dialogue with a passer-by. In this way they practise their vocabulary in a fun way. You can make every possible dialogue a more interesting activity with Plotagon.


  • Let your pupils recreate scenes from books using Plotagon, different groups of pupils will interpret the scenes in different ways. Afterwards you can discuss the reason for the differences in a class-based conversation. This is a fun and interactive way to tackle literature and reading with your pupils.


  • Create a few animations for your pupils without any text. Have them come up with the dialogues themselves according to what fits through the setting. This trains your pupils’ deduction skills as well as their active vocabulary





  • Pupils can create a plan concerning the presentation of the video; what will be said and what will be shown.
  • Pupils can improvise.
  • Pupils can use supporting audio-visual material.
  • Pupils can consult subject-material to create their presentation.
  • Pupils can implement their own lives into a school context.
  • Pupils can present their own presentation in the given format.
  • Pupils can write a dialogue when given enough scaffolding and an OVUR-method.




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