17. Puppet Pals HD



“Create your own unique shows with animation and audio in real time! Simply pick out your actors and backdrops, drag them on to the stage, and tap record. Your movements and audio will be recorded in real time for playback later.”


Technical specifications


Developer: Polished Play LLC

Price: Free

Size: 86 MB

Rating App Store: ★★★+

Available: iOS,


Efficiency value


Puppet Pals is a nice looking application that allows teachers and pupils to create animated videos in a nice and funny-looking way. The actual creating requires some skills and investigation, however.


Content value


The avatars and background offered are not very numerous, but you can add your own pictures for actors and background. You can also buy some more actors and background, but we see no reason to do so, since you can easily download several pictures from the Internet.


Motivational value


Motivation will be very high, considering it will be funny for a pupil to hear the voice of his teacher on an elf or a princess.


Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value x
Content value x
Motiv. value x


Mind that the animations you make are not too funny. Pupils might find it hard to focus when the rest of the class is laughing. This application might especially be useful in the first grade of secondary education and in primary education, due to its playful character.

Lesson ideas


  • The lesson ideas are quite similar to those of iMovie, but instead of filming a setting, the setting is already fixed. This application mainly focuses on speech, so it might be an interesting thing to do for a reading exercise. You let pupils prepare a text in class, and at home they record their reading on audio. The animation video is a fun extra.




  • Pupils can create a plan concerning the presentation of the video; what will be said and what will be shown.
  • Pupils can use supporting audio-visual material.
  • Pupils can consult subject-material to create their presentation.
  • Pupils can implement their own lives into a school context.
  • Pupils can present their own presentation in the given format.
  • Pupils can write a dialogue when given enough scaffolding and an OVUR-method.
  • Pupils can download Puppet Pal-movies from several platforms to be a part of the flipping the classroom-principle.

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