18. Canva



“Create beautiful designs with Canva. Choose from more than a million layouts, stock photographs and illustrations. Search for the best graphics, photos and fonts then use Conva’s simple drag and drop tool to create a design.”

Technical specifications


Developer: Canva Pty Ltd

Price: Free

Size: 36,6 MB

Rating App Store: ★★★★+

Available: iOS, Web Application


Efficiency value


The usage of Canva is very simple and the options with this application are very wide. You can create Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and even presentations in various layouts. These might look more attractive to students than the original PowerPoint- or Keynote-designs.


Content value


The content is, as the App Store buzz talk already tells us very wide. There are actually thousands of layouts you can choose for presentations or for other graphic work, and you can even create your own templates or adjust the already existing ones.


Motivational value


Offering this application to your pupils will immediately trigger their imagination, in function of using this application in class, or for private means.


Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value x
Content value x
Motiv. value x


Mind that some of the designs are hidden behind a pay wall. This may trigger disappointments, or perhaps the motivation to create your own template. The app is available on iOS and as a web application, and offers great accessibility. This app might be one of our absolute favourites.


Lesson ideas


  • Ask your pupils to make their own presentation concerning whatever topic, they will be glad to do so with this application due to its attractive designs and templates.


  • Ask your students to design a poster for an upcoming school event, or even for an upcoming speaking exercise or presentation. This triggers their graphic design skills and will lead to impressive designs. Pupils might need these skills in further education or even for hobbies such as scouting. They will love the idea that they can easily design a poster for an upcoming pancake-sale, without having to tell their friends that the actual designing of the poster was piece of cake.


  • Let pupils design their own business cards, for their own school business, for a fictional solicitation or even for an oral exam.


  • Any writing assignment can be made more attractive with the designs of Canva. Once a pupil or a teacher has discovered Canva, they might never want to use MS Word again.


  • When dealing with vocabulary concerning ordering a meal, let them create a food and drinks menu on Canva. Ask them to write a dialogue in the same design as they designed the menu.


  • Ask them to design a book cover. There are various templates to do so, or you might even ask them to create their own template!


  • The website even offers templates for advertisements. When your subject matter has something to do with advertisement, let them make an ad for a product of choice on Facebook, Spotify or even Google.





  • Pupils can use buzz talk to promote a topic or a subject when the subject matter is advertisement.
  • Pupils can create documents they will need in further life on Canva, such as CVs and business cards.
  • Pupils can create a document online without the using the more traditional word processors such as MS Word or Pages.
  • Pupils can design book covers, business cards, posters and advertisements on Canva.
  • Pupils can create a plan concerning the documents; what will be shown what design will we choose, what needs to the content of these documents.
  • Pupils can adapt their language register depending on the medium they use.

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