4. Drillster



“Drillster. Easy learning, better retention.

Put those textbooks aside! With Drillster you will learn faster, remember more and be able to test your knowledge more easily. Wherever, whenever, and as often as you like. On PC, smart phone or internet tablet.

Create your own drill, use someone else’s or those from your company or school, and practice wherever, whenever and as often as convenient.”


Technical specifications


Developer: Drillster BV

Price: Free

Size: 3,2 MB

Rating App Store: No rating

Available: iOs, Android, Windows Phone



Efficiency value

Drillster’s efficiency value can be quite high. It takes a negligible amount of time for pupils to complete several relevant drills. The drills need to be premade, of course, but this is a relatively simple process. Furthermore, the drills are easily re-usable across classes or even school years resulting in good value for time input. Still you can find readymade drills from the Drill Store.


Content value

The content value of Drillster is entirely dependent on the drill being used. Because of this, it is a very flexible tool in terms of content. On the flipside, it also means that without an adequate drill-creator the tool is rather unimpressive. Finally, Drillster is a tool entirely focussed on knowledge. It will not lead to language application on its own.


Motivational value

The pupils will most likely happily use this tool. The very nature of the application is that it allows for fast and everywhere usage of the drills. Many pupils will prefer using this for practice instead of mucking about with all their books. Furthermore, being able to access preloaded drills on a train ride will appeal to those students who spend a lot of time each day travelling.


Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value x
Content value x
Motiv. value x


Drillster is a tool that allows for simple, fast and efficient drilling of a variety of topics at any time and any place. The tool might not be suitable for the more advanced topics but there are a lot of aspects of any secondary school course that are simple fact knowledge, which this app is perfect for. Naturally the drills need to be prepared in advance by the teacher which requires a time investment not all teachers might be willing to make. All in all, an efficient drilling tool with a variety of uses.



Lesson ideas


  • This app is convenient for drill, as the name already gives away.

It can be used to practise vocabulary, in multiple choice or even open questions.

It might come in handy when you want to prepare your students for a test. You offer them similar exercises to those from the test, in a way that they can easily study from their iPads and do not have to print everything.

The drills or exercises have to be premade, but that should not be a hassle, because it Drillster even easier to use than MS Word.


  • Pupils can use Drillster to create drills for an entire unit with the purpose of revising. The class should be divided into groups, as many as there are exercises and grammar grids in the unit. Each group (this can range from 2 to 4 pupils, depending on the size of the class, the amount of exercises or the amount of drills each group needs to prepare) then prepares the amount of drills assigned to them. Afterwards some time should be given to ensure all the drills of a similar good quality. The end result of this lesson is a set of drills, organically created by pupils for pupils that will allow them to easily revise the unit. Drills can be accessed on the mobile devices but can only be created through a web browser, so an IT classroom might be required.



  • Pupils can create their own exercises concerning vocabulary.
  • Pupils can formulate their biggest difficulties concerning vocabulary.
  • Pupils can consult their subject matter when coming across difficulties.
  • Pupils can spontaneously show their results to the teacher, in order for the teacher to keep track of their progress.
  • Pupils can work independently.
  • Pupils can transfer the drills on real-life situations.
  • Pupils can make their own drills, derived from offered subject matter.




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