5. Verbuga


“Verbuga is a website and app, popular for learning verb conjugations. Set up your own exercise with only those tenses and verbs that you like to practise. No connection required, practise anywhere and anytime.”


Technical specifications

verbugaDeveloper: A.A.M. van Gulik

Price: Lite version free, full version €3,99

Size: 2 MB

Rating App Store; No rating

Available: Website, iOS, Android, BlackBerry



Efficiency value

Verbuga is an extremely efficient site, as it requires absolutely no time investment from the user. It is as simple as opening the website and starting an exercise. Because of its easy-to-use interface, there is also no entrance barrier.


Content value

Verbuga is a website that allows the user to practise regular and irregular verbs in all the tenses. All tenses are represented as well as a large selection of frequently used verbs, in 4 languages. It provides no other grammatical assistance however and is purely focused on verb spelling and formation. It provides knowledge with no context, transfer must be achieved in a different way.


Motivational value

As mentioned earlier, it has a very simple interface, which will prove to be a plus. Aside from that, the website is a fairly straightforward verb database and exercise generator, which is generally not the most favourite activity of any language.



Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value x
Content value x
Motiv. value x






A rather complete tool with regards to verb and tense practice with a straightforward interface. Its only real purpose is as a revision tool for the four supported languages. Naturally this is only a part of language education, however core. It is a very solid site, even though many pupils might not relish spending time working with verbs outside of school. The website however might be more useful than the app, because the apps are hard to find or are only available for French.


Lesson ideas

  • To let pupils revise and practise the different tenses. As it is not the most attractive looking app, but is still efficient, we suggest that you offer this app along with other, more attractive apps or sites. Drillster might be an option to keep your students motivated.

This site or app could be used to differentiate. For stronger pupils this site could be offered to spend his ‘spare time’ in class, or for weaker pupils to revise, at home or in class.




  • Pupils can fill in various exercises concerning tenses.
  • Pupils can formulate their biggest difficulties concerning grammar.
  • Pupils can consult their subject matter when coming across difficulties in grammar usage.
  • Pupils can spontaneously show their results to the teacher, in order for the teacher to keep track of their progress.

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