7. PDF Expert


Pdf Expert is a must-have app for anyone who read, annotates or edits PDF documents on iPad or iPhone. It allows you to mark up documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text and stamps, sign and even merge PDFs. Moreover, PDF Expert is the best choice for filling out PDF forms right on your iPad and iPhone.


Technical specifications


pdf expertDeveloper: Igor Zhadanov

Price: Free Lite version, full version €9,99

Size: 43,6 MB

Rating App Store: ★★★★+

Available: iOS


Efficiency value

PDF Expert is an app that can be naturally implemented into any classroom situated. It’s an app that allows for easy PDF editing and annotating, which means any assignment or worksheet made on a PDF and viewed on an iPad can use it.


Content value

PDF Expert has no content value by itself. It is purely an application that provides support for mobile PDF usage in a classroom. Hence, the value of the assignment or worksheet determines PDF Expert’s content value. The difference between PDF expert and Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages, is that Word and Pages are efficient for typing documents, and PDF Expert is more efficient for adjusting an already existing document, which could be scanned and uploaded.


Motivational value

The application is simple to use and has a plethora of options available, from marking and underlining to adding notes on the side. It will vary from student to student whether they will enjoy using this. A pupil that has a natural preference for paper-based working will find this less interesting than a more digitally minded pupil.




Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value x
Content value x
Motiv. value x


A definite must-have tool if you plan to work with PDF files on an iPad in any lesson. A major gripe that people sometimes have with digital assignments is that you do not have the freedom to scribble things down as you need to, unlike paper. PDF Expert tackles this issue deftly by providing a wide array of options to use on any PDF file.


Lesson ideas


  • Since this app is a must-have in secondary education, but does not really offer ‘creative’ things to do with it, the lesson ideas are limited. You could always ask students to scan a written text or test, and then use PDF Expert to adjust it with the iPad.


  • PDF Expert is the application to use when pupils are tasked with a creative writing exercise that aims to create more than just black text on a white page. Much like Pages, pupils can use this application to create documents that deviate from the standard layout allowing for a lot more creativity than the basic word processors.




  • Pupils can adjust an already existing ‘bad’ CV from a fictional person, and adjust it to a good CV.
  • Pupils can adjust an already existing school newspaper with PDF Expert.
  • Pupils can paraphrase a scanned text into a grid with PDF Expert.
  • Pupils can adjust an already existing report in a format offered by PDF Expert.
  • Pupils can use an appropriate layout.
  • Pupils can review their own text, with help from autocorrect.
  • Pupils can focus on their written text, regardless of being able to express everything.
  • Pupils can use an already existing model, dealt with in class or offered by the teacher.
  • Pupils can keep the most important conventions of written language in mind.

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