8. Educaplay



Educaplay is a website and platform that allows teachers to post and create their own exercises.


Technical specifications

Developer: AdrFormacion

Price: Free

Available: Website


Efficiency value


This website proves to be very efficient, due to its accessibility and format. The idea is that every teacher can make their own exercises, and that other teachers can also access these exercises.


Content value

The content value is rather dubious. Some exercises are full of errors and mistakes, while others are very valuable. A critical eye is necessary.

Motivational value


The motivational value is high. The various methods and options are endless. A crossword puzzle shows itself more motivational than a gap-filling exercise.


Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value x
Content value x
Motiv. value x


The biggest comment that can be mentioned for this website, is that you have to screen the already existing exercises very carefully. This website is used all over the world, where a lot of teachers apparently do not mind correct spelling and grammar usage. You cannot correct the errors and mistakes you spot in exercises made by another teacher, so you might want or have to recreate the exercise, without the errors and mistakes.Another downside might be that this is not an app, but a website. This creates accessibility for anyone, but might load in a rather clumsy way using a tablet or other mobile device.



Lesson ideas


The lesson ideas are quite numerous in this website. Various exercise-options are:


  • Creating riddles
  • Creating crosswords
  • Creating word search puzzles
  • Creating gap-fill-exercises
  • Creating dialogues
  • Creating dictations
  • Creating jumbled words
  • Creating jumbled sentences
  • Creating matching games
  • Creating quizzes
  • Crating image maps
  • Creating video quizzes


All of these exercises are very efficient and important in language teaching, but could still be used for other courses as well.

Pupils can also create exercises for each other, which can be used as a task or homework; ‘create a crossword puzzle for your fellow pupils to do next week.’

This website might also be a way to differentiate. A stronger pupil can be asked to do some of the offered exercises when he has some spare time in class, or a weaker student can be asked to do some exercises at home to remediate.

The available exercises are brilliant to practise vocabulary and to study and repeat the subject matter.




  • Pupils are able to fill in the various exercises offered on Educaplay as a way of differentiation.
  • Pupils can use their knowledge to do exercises and language tasks concerning useful contexts.
  • Pupils can expand and use their functional language knowledge through online exercises. They can reflect on their language and language usage.
  • Pupils can discover how forms and structures concerning grammar and vocabulary function online, with guidance from the teacher.

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