Always online

Reaching each other has never been this easy

How easy is it for pupils to reach their teachers and vice versa? If every teacher or pupil has an iPad or a mobile device in general, it is much easier to reach him or her.
If a student has a problem with a task, it is easy to just send an email or a message through the digital learning platforms such as Smartschool.

But where does it stop? Does a teacher or a student have to be available 24/7? It can also be dangerous that pupils become less self-reliant or independent. If they can ask their teachers everything at any time, how self-reliant are they still? Teachers have to draw a line in when they are available for their pupils; otherwise they might lose themselves in their work. It is for the best if rules are made, no e-mails asking question past a certain time for instance. Perhaps no questions asked about revising content matter when those can be asked in class to the benefit of all. No asking questions about organisational stuff that can be found elsewhere on Smartschool. The list goes on.

At any rate, it is important to realise that while these new means of communication open up many amazing possibilities we should take care of our teachers. There is enough work to be done after their teaching hours already, we should not turn them into help hotlines pupils can call whenever they see fit.

There is, of course, the aforementioned problem with student agency. If we give them too many lifelines, would they not get complacent and stop taking care of their own work? There will not always be someone to take care of their affairs, it is important they also learn responsibility and independence in school, not just for the higher forms of education but for later in life as well.

An interesting topic without a clear cut solution, for now.


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