How did we evaluate?

Short explanation given in the App Store. These descriptions are written by the developers, which can lead to buzzwords. A more critical description is given in our own descriptions and evaluation.

Technical specifications




Rating App Store

Available on what platforms?

Efficiency value
Defines how well an IT-tool can be used in a standard, 50 minute lesson. Does the entire lesson need to be geared towards it or can it be inserted in a variety of topics without much hassle?

Content value
What is the actual didactic value of the tool? Does it provide vocabulary, grammar structure, cultural knowledge, mathematical formulae, etc.

Motivational value
How likely are students to enjoy using this tool? What is its user interface like, if there are any exercises included, are they original and worthwhile or simple textbook rehashes?


Bad Acceptable Good
Efficiency value
Content value
Motiv. value


Here you can find our main tips and items to keep in mind while using the apps.

Lesson ideas
How can this app be used in a real classroom situation, concerning English lessons. (EFL)

What are the main objectives that can be pursued in this application.


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