Keeping up with the Joneses

As we already mentioned in the advantages, an iPad in classroom use does not always have to be more expensive than the average costs to schools that do not oblige their pupils to buy an iPad.

That is the first point of discussion, a lot of parents in Blankenberge in Sint-Pieterscollege stated that it is unfair and unrealistic that every parent would have the money to buy an iPad, and that it creates a gap between the rich and the pour. A lot of these parents sent their children to other schools, because they thought it would be more expensive. But it does not necessarily have to be more expensive. Schools offer renting possibilities, in which parents ‘only’ have to pay approximately €100 per year to rent an iPad, which is actually lower in price than the rent of coursebooks and textbooks.

Another thing is that you can buy an iPad second hand, which can also cost less. There is also a new iPad mini, which can also be used at school, which costs less.

But this might also be a catch, how fast will an iPad that is 5 years old still work? Will children feel as if they are poor when their older iPad 2, cannot catch up with the newer iPad Air? And will this iPad 2 still be compatible or updateable when Apple comes out with a newer and bigger iOS 9? It is an endless game, which leads to the fact that a school cannot promise its students that when they buy an iPad in year 1, it will still work after year 6.

So can we state that an iPad a pupil leads to ‘Keeping up with the Joneses-activities’? Yes and no, pupils will always have that kind of mentality, if it comes to clothes, bag packs or technology.


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