Learning how to write

Do children still learn how to write?

Yes they do! It is often said that children do not learn how to write today in the same way we learnt it. That is not entirely true. Learning how to write is a physiological process, which is still practised in the first years of primary education or even a bit in kindergarten. Once you have learnt to write, you cannot un-learn it. People do not simply forget how to write. It might not always go very well if it has been a while, but you do not forget it.


Writing by hand is decreasing due to digitalisation, but has not disappeared yet. Tests state that writing by hand is something that happens in school, and once you are done with school, most people only write on their smartphones, iPads or computers. At work, at home, when shopping, no one writes by hand unless it is a small, quick draft, mostly for his or her eyes only. We can actually start asking the question if writing on paper is still a necessary part of our lives or our education, as it currently develops.

To state that writing on paper has no use or makes no sense would be a bit too short-sighted, but we can state that out pupils learn more ways to write than the average 40-year old did when he was young. Pupils learn how to write on paper, ànd on a keyboard or a touchscreen! More ways to write lead to more possibilities. So we would actually dare say that this is an advantage, rather than a downfall, as the title or a vague public opinion often states.


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