Listening comprehension

Lesson ideas concerning listening comprehensions are rather hard to find.


An alternative to copying audio CDs and carrying old and shoddy cd-players around the building is Plex. Plex is an application with a server; you can use it at home to cast your films and audio in function of home cinema theatre installations. But it can also be used to save all audio and video fragments a coursebook offers. All you have to do is upload the audio CDs and DVDs to the server. As a teacher, you can cast these fragments on the projector, but pupils can also access these fragments on their own iPads or tablets. In this way, you can switch methods; you project the fragment on the beamer, you ask your pupils to view the fragment individually with a headset…

You never have to carry a CD or a DVD with you anymore, so Plex is definitely a solution to many organisational issues.



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