Literary assignments

A book report

A lot of pupils do not like the idea of reading books for school, and then having to make a written report of it. With the iPad or other tablets, there are plenty of options to make this a fun and interactive activity.


The classic ‘summary and plot’ and ‘character analysis’ can be offered in a more creative way. However it might still be useful to let the pupils write a character analysis and a summary, just to prove to you that they have actually read the book. But in another way, they cannot do some of the creative assignments without actually reading the book.


Some options of creative alternatives with the iPad on reading a book:


  1. Let the pupils dramatize a scene from the book. They have to write a script or follow the script from the book, performing it in their own living room, garden, bedroom, and street… They have to film it and upload this on YouTube, Showbie, Vine, Facebook… The apps that can be used for this activity are iMovie (trailer), Puppet Pals, Screenplay, Plotagon… With Plotagon they would not have to film themselves but would have to make an animation video of the characters.
  2. Let the pupils make a poster, to sell the book and convince other people to read it. Possible apps to make this poster: Pages, Phoster, Poster+, Write Behind…
  3. Let the pupils make a fictional Facebook page of the main characters of the book. You could also use to make it less ‘official’.
  4. Let the pupils make up fictive iMessage-conversations between two or more main characters. Various websites could be used for this task:,
  5. Let the pupils make a comic with the main characters, or let them make a comic of a specific scene, which they get to choose. Various apps and sites could be useful for this task: Stripdesigner, Bitstrips,…
  6. Let the pupils make a collage of the different characters, the setting, the timing, plot… Various apps could be useful for this task: Photo Wall pro, Pic Collage, Pages, Instapicframe…
  7. Let the pupils make an audiobook or audiofragment for a certain scene in the book. Possible apps: GarageBand, Dictaphone…

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