Modern life, modern tools

We cannot close our eyes to the future. When graduating and entering the job market, students will have a serious problem if they cannot adapt to current technology standards. Students who are used to working online will have more chances at finding an office job.

Nowadays we believe that IT- classes are focused on knowledge of basic programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. We should seriously expand this. We should give students advice on how to act on the Internet, how to focus on the important things, and most importantly to stay critical towards information. Wikipedia is a well-known tool amongst students. What a lot of students forget is that anyone can change or add information to it. Students should be aware of the pitfalls of the Internet.

Most pupils already own a smartphone. That number will only grow in the future. Students are used to handling a device with a touchscreen. It is only a small step for them to start using a tablet.

Social media and online games can also mean an increase in indirect learning. Students constantly communicate with others, and are handed all kinds of ideas and influences through the Internet. If they have an open mind, they could learn a lot from these ideas, without even having the feeling they are learning. Negotiating and debating are things that should be used in class. You could make a platform for students as a teacher. In that way students can help each other every time of the day.

As the ‘Bertelsmann Foundation’ states in their research report2: ‘The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools’. Learning with technology comes from two main things. You can learn with technology, or you can learn from technology. Learning from can be seen as instructions given in a video. While learning with technology is a more cognitive process.


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