Writing training

The various word processor applications such as Word, Pages and Google Docs offer a lot of options concerning layout and such. They offer different templates which can help them to get familiar with important documents they will need later in life.

Again, mindmaps might be useful for writing comprehensions to offer scaffolding.

  1. Since iPads provide far easier access to video fragments than a beamer or even an IT-classroom, we can use them as the basis for a creative writing lesson. You could let your students watch a scene from a movie (perhaps no longer than 2 minutes) without any sound. It is then up to them to create the scene on paper or on the various word processor applications, using the scene as a point of origin. What are the characters saying, how are they saying it, what will be the result of the conversation? Like this practice their general writing skills, exercise their imagination and can create something fairly straightforward, yet worthwhile.
  1. For this exercise, the pupils can be shown a scene from a movie, tv-series or even a fragment of a book. After watching or reading and familiarising themselves with the scene and the characters, the pupils are then divided into a group and tasked with creating fake Facebook profiles, one for each character. Afterwards, they each choose one profile and pretend to have a Facebook conversation about the scene in-character. An exercise like this uses pupils’ general writing skills, improves their improvisational skills, exercises their imagination and can be placed within the larger context of a lesson about social media skills. The creation of fake profiles may be a bit too time-consuming, for this reason it is possible to use one of the fake alternatives such as thewallmachine.com or Canva, applications which let users create imaginary Facebook statuses and posts.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-03 om 10.45.23

  1. The creative possibilities of Canva are quite broad. For instance, pupils could be tasked to use Canva to create a Facebook post, an Instagram post, a Twitter post, a poster, photo collage and so on about a specific object with the intent to make it popular, like a commercial. A modern ad about a specific object or service, as it were. This assignment familiarises pupils with commercial buzzwords by using them themselves and fits neatly into a larger lesson scheme about our present-day consumer society and popular commercials.

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